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The Little Pie Feet Story - 

There is always a story on every product and a history behind it.  Here is ours.

Babies love their LITTLE piggies and suck on them frequently.  It was no different for our children and grandchildren when they were babies.  As our children played, their small LITTLE  feet became known as "pie feet".  "Pie feet" is now an affectionate household name in our family.

We can now share our LITTLE pie feet with the world.  This LITTLE pie feet baby teething toy helps children playfully associate color and smell while countering teething pains. Your baby and every baby needs a LITTLE pie feet to play, learn and sooth during early childhood development. We are proud to play a LITTLE role in the early development of your baby through pie feet.  

May your family have a happy pie feet day for generations to come. 

May God Bless You All
The Littles




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